A beautiful country
donderdag 10 november 2011 10:09
I have been to Italy 20 or 30 times over the past years, for business and for pleasure but business was always pleasure.

I worked for and with Italian companies: different machinery manufacturers such as Bertolaso, Robino & Galandrino and others located around Verona, Fiat Iveco in Torino, S.Pellegrino in Bergamo, the communication agency CBO in Milano. People who take their business very seriously. I was seldom deceived (only once but there always has to be an exception).

I worked with Italian jazz musicians, met concert organisers, writers and poets , all living the south and in Sicily: Francesco Branciamore, Carlo Actis Dato, Maurizio Maiorana, Giuseppe Guarella, Giorgio Occhipinti You probably don’t know them but you should.

I crossed the country from north to south and from west to east, alone and not alone. Everywhere I met people who invited me in their houses for lunch,  happy to see me, then and now.

Now we hear and read that the financial situation of Italy is catastrophic and I wonder why and how.





I remember I once discussed with a journalist in the seventies. I had finished university and was lucky to find a job although the country was going through an economical crisis with job losses, budget cuts etc. and I asked my friend who was much older and had been editor in chief of a popular weekly, if he knew who was pulling the strings. “I hope there is still someone who holds the strings,” he answered.

And then we were saved by the development of the internet, the personal computers and all other digital stuff that followed and created new business.


So many years later I ask the same question: who is pulling the strings? Not the politicians, that is clear. Not the workers and employees. They never did and will never do. Probably some people living in a misty place and conspiring against anything and anyone who can enlarge the heap of money on which they are sitting. For their own pleasure. It must be something sexual, something pervert because they certainly are not preoccupied by the daily problems of paying the mortgage on their house and saving money on meals.


It is good that people raise there voices, that indignados protest. But against whom? They don’t know, I don’t know. And those who know, don’t care.


I don’t know if there will be another new motor to fuel the economical growth motor like the computers and internet some decades ago. I doubt it but I am no visionary. What I do know is that I will return to Italy, meet my friends and enjoy every minute, for as long as it lasts.